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A Perfect Pyrogenic Pack of PULVERISED ...

A Perfect Pyrogenic Pack of PULVERISED Products, Vol. II

Oh ho, I do love it when I walk through the doors of the Ripple office and see a smoldering package resting on my desk! Actually, I can usually tell about a block away that a new package from Pulverised Records is waiting for me. There’s that special smell in the air . .

. kinda’ this odd mixture of sulfur and burning furniture wax, and it has a physical affect on me as well. My pace increases a tad, I may or may not get a little skip in my step, and I’m certain that I even begin salivating.

On these special days, I generally enter the office to see intern Monica standing with fire extinguisher at the ready, .... 6:04 p.m. Friday 12th December 2008 EST
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