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A Postcard from My Absence

Every year, before I fly back to my ancestral spawning ground of Salem, Oregon, there's a two week period or so when there are an impossible number of tasks to perform, and not nearly enough time to knock them out. Shopping, work, holiday soirees, dodging enormous hippos gliding down 42nd street, etc. Which is all to excuse my blog ghost-ness for the past few weeks.<br/><br/> Now that I'm snowed in and re-nested, expect a dedicated stream of content (when you yourselves are busy and least likely to demand it. Rad!) Anyway, as proof that I've still cared, a bit, below are links to a few recent writings from the L Magazine that have not previously been pimped in this space. ....<br/><br/> 6:20 a.m. Sunday 21st December 2008 EST
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