A Rare Screening Of Todd Haynes' ...

A Rare Screening Of Todd Haynes' 'Superstar: The Karen Carpenter' Story Plays At SXSW

Ok, catching up on the catching up. Obviously while we were out of town at SXSW a bunch of things happened. A rare screening of Todd Haynes ' " Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story " took place at SXSW on Monday night.

Many have seen it on bootleg over the years, as we have, but getting to see a 16mm projection is a very rare treat. The film uses Barbie Dolls to depicts the tragic story of Karen Carpenter of the '70s easy-listening softies The Carpenters who died from anorexia in 1983. Though it came out in 1987, Haynes lost a 1990 lawsuit for copyright infringement by her irate brother Richard Carpenter and the film was pulled from circulation.

If .... 12:25 p.m. Wednesday 18th March 2009 EST
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