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A Sunday Conversation with Bigelf

A Sunday Conversation with Bigelf

Anyone who's seen our Ripple Music Round-up , our views on the best heavy rock of 2008, will know how I feel about these guys. Their last album, Cheat the Gallows, was a mind-bending, senses-shattering, IQ melting extravaganza of progressive, neo-psychedelic, retro-seventies rock/pomp mayhem. You don't believe me? Check out the lists of some of the other music sites who linked up with us to share our Year's End lists.

Yup, you'll find Bigelf there also. Seem s the world is rapidly forming a consensus, Bigelf is for real. With that in mind, you couldn't believe how freaking amped The Pope and I were when Damon Fox, the main elf at Bigelf, stopped by our office and plopped himself down ....

6:26 p.m. Sunday 25th January 2009 EST
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