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A taste of honey

Clumsy, of course, to characterise Ezekiel Honig 's warm, glitchy textures & lovely, slightly modest adventurousness as 'honeyed'. But they, & the rest of the outstanding output on Anticipate (one of LMYE's labels of 2009 - specifically, our 'if only they would release more' label...), really are. As you'll hear.

Previous coverage . Homemade Debris "taken from Scattered Practices album" Concrete economics "Live edit taken from Le Placard set in Montreal, 2008. As the name hints, it works primarily with pieces from the tracks Concrete and Plastic and Porchside Economics." Concrete and Plastic (from Scattered Practices , Microcosm - stream ) [re-up] Tropical Ridges / Billow (from Early Morning Migration , w.

Morgan Packard, Microcosm ) Stream Porchside Past Tense ....
1:32 a.m. Friday 12th March 2010 EST
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