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A Week In Video Tape - The American Dollar, The Cool Kids, The Black Lips, Henok Acedio & Herve:

Welcome to our brand new feature A Week In Video Tape. Compiled by our new contributor Kumy Veluppillai, it's a chance for us to bring you the best music videos, live performances and interviews of the week in one kick-ass post. Here's Kumy...

So this is my first post, really appreciate feedback, so get in touch and leave your comments... To start things off American Dollar - a Queens, NY duo who construct experimental ambient sonic explorations, with a healthy rock influence. I recommend cranking up your audio output and going Full Screen.

Anything You Synthesize - American Dollar / YSI The Mix Tape crew have certainly been all over Kid Cudi recently, but lets not forget The Cool Kids .... 2:28 a.m. Saturday 28th February 2009 EST
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