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Aaron Sorkin To Revive 'Moneyball'; Brad ...

Aaron Sorkin To Revive 'Moneyball'; Brad Pitt Still On Board

Weird. We're about mid-way through reading the Aaron Sorkin Facebook script , " The Social Network ." Granted, we're only half-way through it, but so far, it's not the " amazing " script every is saying it might be (or interpreting ScriptShadow's review that way). It's nowhere near as humorous or touching as we've been meant to believe and so far...

it's pretty tedious. It's not a page turner, that's for sure. It's a court room procedural that flashes back to the salad days when Facebook was just taking off.

It's talky (Sorkin, natch) and it has low, low stakes... sort of like " Moneyball ," does. Midway through the Facebook script we started thinking Soderbergh, Fincher, etc...,i.e.

the were .... 7:07 a.m. Friday 10th July 2009 EST
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