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About Last Night: Fruit Bats at ...

Midway through Fruit Bats performance at The Loft in Dallas on Tuesday night, lead singer/genius Eric D. Johnson looked at the paltry crowd of around 40 people and sheepishly said, “Thanks for coming out”. The immediate response from someone in the crowd echoed the sentiments of all; “Thanks for sharing your sweet melodies!”.<br/><br/> With their new record, ‘The Ruminant Band’ topping the CMJ radio charts, Fruit Bats have the look of a band that will be gracing the covers of Rolling Stone and headlining large festivals in the near future. On record, Johnson’s vocal register travels a wide range without falling into an American Idol, “look at me” trap. Live, he hits all the notes effortlessly while adding a gruffness ....<br/><br/> 3:45 a.m. Thursday 3rd September 2009 EST 36 posts in collection
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