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Academy Unveils List Of 49 Songs ...

The AMPAS have announced the 49 song eligible to be nominated in the Best Original Song category at the Oscars. Highlights include Bruce Springsteen eponymous cut from " The Wrestler ," Peter Gabriel 's "Down To The Earth for " Wall-E, " Zooey Deschanel and her Von Iva comrades ( under the name Munchausen By Proxy ) surprisingly having two songs eligible, Norah Jones ' "The Story," from the otherwise unremarkable, " My Blueberry Nights ," Jon Brion 's "Little Person" for " Synecdoche , New York " and eligibility nods to Regina Spektor , Jenny Lewis , actor Jason Segel and M.I.A. and A.R Rahman 's original song for " Slumdog Millionaire ." The scary part of all this ....<br/><br/> 6:04 a.m. Thursday 18th December 2008 EST
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