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Activision Sued for Sabotage by DJ ...

Activision Sued for Sabotage by DJ Hero Competitor

The long-rumored and still in the works DJ Hero might be hitting a bit of a road block: Activision, the company working on the game, is being sued by Genius Products, the makers of Scratch: The Ultimate DJ for sabotage as Genius is alleging Activision has prevented them from finishing their game. Activision bought Genius a while ago after it found out that the company was developing a DJ game. Fearing the competition that crushed them with Rock Band , Activision moved to buy out the company and kill the game.

When Genius refused, Activision bought the company piecemeal anyway. Genius's studio, 7 Studios, is working on the game, and even though they are owned by Activision, they are still .... 3:46 a.m. Friday 17th April 2009 EST
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