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Adam Sandler Rounds Up The 'Expendables' ...

It starts with Adam Sandler lying poolside, reading the trade, a eureka moment starts and he picks up his gold-crusted water-proof cell phone and dials up Kevin James . The conversation probably goes like this: Sandler: Jamesy! ' Blart ' You're huge! James: Sandman! Man, see those numbers? I had no clue people would connect with that crap. We wrote that thing in two weeks and I friggin' just goofed off and phone it in! Sandler: Middle America, baby! They looooove you! Ahhhhh! James: Miiiiiiddddlllleeeeee AAaaaaamerica!, WOO! In your face Osama Bin laden! So what's up? Sandler: You're money.<br/><br/> I'm calling Spader and Robbo and we're gonna make a huge fucking movie! [aside, violent outburst] Janis, take that diaper off .... 12:46 a.m. Thursday 12th February 2009 EST
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