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Adult Swim Presents ATL RMX (free ...

If you're a fan of video games, less than politcally correct cartoons, and some down home southern hardcore rap, then you've no doubt already stumbled across the latest free mixtape coming out of the cable netowrk, Adult Swim . Presented by Rockstar Games, in association with Timbaland, ATL RMX matches up and coming artists with some truly killer remixes. The entire compilation will be available through the end of the year, and as an added bonus, two of the tracks ( Hello Miss and Is That You God? ) will be accessible for your very own remix skills.

You can download those two and mix using the Beaterator for all of you PSP owners. Go grab ATL RMX in it's ....
2:27 a.m. Wednesday 9th December 2009 EST
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