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AEG/Ticketmaster/Live Nation

What I find funny is that Universal is left out of the action. Isnt Jimmy Iovine the most powerful person in the music business? Or is that Clive Davis Theyve both got scorched earth publicity campaigns. Clive says hes the godfather, every hit record has to pass through him.

Without his imprimatur, youre irrelevant. Jimmy? Hes your buddy. You want to be on Jimmys team, right? Hang at his house, take those loving phone calls.

Hes a winner. But lets kick it up a level. To Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

and Lyor Cohen. Doug Morris and Zach Horowitz. How did they let the music business slip through their fingers? Didnt they have their eye on the ball? Which ball? The labels ....

midnight Thursday 28th February 2008 EST
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