Ain't Rappin' No Jive...

Ain't Rappin' No Jive...

Hello we feelin' out there? I know your meters must be runnin' dangerously low since it's been a long minute between posts, but no worries. I'm comin' through like Supafly with some high voltage soul power to rejuvenate that ass. Okay then...enough grandiose superhero nonsense.

Let's get easy and take it back to the essence... MUSIC : "Mister Boogie" --- Brother Soul (zShare) "Mister Boogie" --- Brother Soul (savefile) I'm startin' this session off properly with a seriously infectious funk groove that will make you want to shake and break joints and body parts you never knew existed. Mister Boogie is a fly-ass dude, posturing himself with unabashed confidence and bragadaccio: cats out there tryin' to use my name, ....

2 a.m. Tuesday 12th August 2008 EST
Souled On (Music, Art, Politics, and Life) 62 posts in collection
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