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Al Green on Fat Possum!?!?

Honestly, I've got the coolest Mom. One day, she said something sort of like this to me: "Hey, you're my son. You're pretty cool.<br/><br/> Have my old Al Green records!" Jealous, I know: But those of you with significantly less cool Moms with significantly less copies of Al Green albums, do not fret! Fat Possum Records is spearheading three reissues from Al's discography like it ain't no thang. Sure, it's only available in CD and MP3, but here's your chance to experience the smooth soul of Al the way he should be: driving around, walking downtown, with friends, at dinner, and during the physical act of lovemaking. Honestly, this music is timeless, and it makes for a good break from ....<br/><br/> 4 a.m. Tuesday 31st March 2009 EST
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