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Album of the Week: Chew Lips’ ...

Chew Lips: Unicorn I’ve been tracking London dance-pop trio Chew Lips for a while, including early singles “Slick” and “Solo” on my JeffMix podcast , naming them Best New Thing , and now receiving a pre-North America release promo CD to review. And they’ve yet to disappoint, even if Unicorn doesn’t quite deliver on the breathless promise of “Slick,” clearly the album’s high point. The other highlights, including “Play Together” and the sneak-up-on-you ballad “Too Much Talking,” share “Slick”’s under-produced edge, an excellent contrast to lead singer Tig’s (yes, one word, Tig) warmer vocals.

I wish Unicorn finished stronger, as a few tracks at the end get too soft, too pop; but an otherwise excellent, definitely slick debut. A- Chew ....
9:20 p.m. Friday 12th March 2010 EST
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