Album of the Week: Mount Kimbie, ‘Crooks & Lovers’

When is dubstep no longer dubstep? People have been asking that question for virtually as long as the genre has had a name, but it's become more pressing in recent years. As the music has soaked up influences from techno and drum & bass, and as the rise of UK funky has offered a counter-narrative for British bass music, dubstep's rhythmic signature has blurred and its features have become less definitive. Mount Kimbie might be the archetypal dubstep-not-dubstep act.

Signed to Scuba 's Hotflush Recordings , their earliest releases bore obvious traces of dubstep's DNA, particularly in their syncopated rhythms. But the timing was far more off-kilter than dubstep's usual purpose-driven wallop; their lopsided grooves often felt like old nu-dark ....

from 'Beatportal'

10:10 p.m. Friday 23rd July 2010 EST
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