Album Review: Dead Confederate - Sugar

From Atlanta, GA comes Dead Confederate and their second album, 'Sugar' , a record that despite its dark, bleak delivery has an overall light aura which draws you in as opener 'In The Dark' shows, it swains and swirls subtly behind pounding drums with slight psychedelic tone. Whereas 'Run From The Gun' has a grainy, folk-esque sound with Hardy Morris' vocals steadily warbling at a steady, easing pace. Throughout Dead Confederate show an old-school indie rock sound; 'Father Figure' buries itself with its aching tone before bursting through with rejoice.

'Quiet Kid' and 'Mob Scene' are a throwback to 90's grunge. Whilst the peculiar delivery of 'Semi-Thought' , with its organ bites and swirling vocals that leans towards the "stoner-rock" ....

from 'Alter The Press'

2:08 a.m. Wednesday 25th August 2010 EST
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