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Album Review: Dead Poets' "Starving Artist"

Album Review: Dead Poets' "Starving Artist"

Having met in college, Bronx, New York natives Mark-uz MidKnyte (Knyte) and Lazarus (Laz) provide listeners a glimpse into their lives with catchy rhymes and moving tales on their debut album, Starving Artist . The duo, naming themselves Dead Poets , prove to be just what Hip-Hop needs today — MC’s rapping about the everyday struggle of an artist and how to overcome hardships through patience and positivity. The diverse 12-track album blends well structured beats and lyrics, never leaving the listener astray.

In fact, it’s often hard to believe this is Dead Poets’ debut release. The listener quickly realizes this is not an ordinary Hip-Hop album. “Too Many Mics” brings references to politics, the music industry and humility.

With .... 10:40 a.m. Thursday 23rd April 2009 EST
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