Album Review: Doves - Kingdom of Rust
Doves Kingdom of Rust EMI, 2009 F irst an aside: heck of a year for album covers, ain’t it? Between this, the new Gentleman Reg, Hazards of Love and Dark Was the Night , 2009 has had digital typesetters dingin’ their wings all over the joint. In any event, a new Doves album is out. Like the others, it absolutely aces atmosphere, deftly balances a foreboding sense of melancholy with euphoric payoffs - basically the whole musical plot of the title track - and produces memorable melodies in spite of Jimi Goodwin’s unflappably pedestrian note-hitting.

If it’s an escalation of musical parody you want, then “Jetstream” is your Snow Patrol (repetitious build-ups, no a-ha moment), “10:03” is your “Violet Hill” (on account of the same melody) and “Compulsion” is your righteous Clash send-up. “Black and White Town” was a supernova of a track that pitied the rest of Some Cities , and while nothing here reaches that level, it’s a pretty great globular cluster overall. Reach for the stars, kids.

You just might hit an amateurish astronomy metaphor. [Michael Ziman].
- 3:08 a.m. Saturday 18th April 2009 EST
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