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Album Review : Mumford and Sons ...

You know the sound: melodies that wind prettily and occasionally, with some always added harmonies, seem to howl at the sky; acoustic guitar and banjo strummed like they’re marching into battle; songs about snow, feelings, traveling and man’s potential, somehow sung sounding both gruff and sensitive; and maybe most crucially, a sense that the music should be played outside, preferably on summer nights. In this sub-genre of folk rock (let’s call it Suburban Mountainman Rock) we’ve got bands like Fleet Foxes, The Avett Brothers, Dawes, The Low Anthem, Blitzen Trapper and even Bon Iver. Whew, that was long winded, but I hope you follow.

Because here you’ve got this trend of bands aping a sound perceived as “old, genuine, Appalachian ....
12:30 a.m. Friday 26th February 2010 EST
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