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Album Review: T-Pain - Thr33 RIngz

Album Review: T-Pain - Thr33 RIngz

T-Pain Thr33 Ringz Nappy Boy Entertainment/Konvict/Jive/Zomba W hile listening to Thr33 Ringz , “The King Back” popped into my headphones (because T.I. is the next dude in the alphabet). The song is not especially great.

But after an hour of T-Pain, his garbage music and his stupid rhymes, here was damning perspective: T-Pain is a purposeless musician of flimsy talent and he is dwarfed by King . It’s hard to commit a void to record and Thr33 Ringz gets the half star because it's so numbingly easy. The chorus of “Therapy” contains the line, “I don’t need your sex I’ll masturbate,” and masturbate he does.

More or less every track is about hoes in da crub, apparently because T-Pain has .... 3:50 a.m. Saturday 15th November 2008 EST
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