Albums of the Year 2008 (Rob)

Albums of the Year 2008 (Rob)

It's end-of-year-list time again, and this year it's been particularly tough to round up a top ten. There were plenty of great albums out there, but there also seemed to be a big gulf between the few truly amazing records and the far more populated category of 'pretty good'. Find out what's made the cut in the readmore.

10. Simon Bookish - Everything/Everything This year saw classical composer-come pop genius Leo Chadburn release his most accomplished album to date under the Simon Bookish moniker. Everything/Everything is elaborately & impeccably orchestrated, while at the same time being lyrically fantastic.

It the kind of album that's strongest point is how damned interesting it is- strange arrangements will come out of nowhere, making .... 1:28 p.m. Thursday 25th December 2008 EST
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