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Alela Diane, Headless Heroes: Headless Heroes ...

Alela Diane, Headless Heroes: Headless Heroes and Alela Diane Hear the Silence of Love

When head Headless Hero Eddie Bezalel decided to create an album full of perfectly realized versions of some of his favorite songs, West coast troubadour Alela Diane seemed an obvious choice to handle the lead vocal duties. Along with a cast of heavy-hitting players including Josh Klinghoffer (PJ Harvey, Gnarls Barkley), Joey Waronker (Beck, Air), and others, Bezalel and Diane tackle a track list composed mostly of esoterica from bygone eras on The Slience of Love . The album, due out on May 19, features fulsome interpretations of tunes from '60s/'70s singer/songwriter cult heroes like Jackson C.

Frank, Linda Perhacs, and Vashti Bunyan, psych-pop nuggets by paisley powerhouses Philamore Lincoln and The Gentle Soul, and a few from the catalogs .... 7 a.m. Wednesday 8th April 2009 EST
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