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Alexandre Desplat Scoring Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic ...

Alexandre Desplat Scoring Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'?

Is ' Benjamin Button ' composer Alexandre Desplat writing the music to Wes Anderson 's " Fantastic Mr. Fox "? According to the film's IMDB page , yes, and the info must be relatively new because we periodically check to see if there are any updates (for a while the music credits were blank). However, there's no mention of 'Fox' listed on Desplat's official website yet .

Our understanding of the IMDB process is that adds like these have to be requested by the author or someone working for them, but IMDB is still very fallible and does have incorrect info up there from time to time. There's probably no reason not to believe it though. Some might ask, no ....

5:10 a.m. Saturday 21st February 2009 EST
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