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Alizee - a lefty righty thing

Alizee - a lefty righty thing

I was taking a look at Alizee America's new video quality upgrade. It was nice viewing a larger version of Fifty Sixty. Alizee does a fair share of left handed mic holding in that Fifty Sixty video.

It has been my observations that Alizee is a dominate right hand mic holder. ahem!!! You're supposed to be looking at which hand is holding the mic Mic in the stand is a whole different story. What about the head set mic? Well lets take a look.

right cheek - left cheek -right cheek - left check Personally I am strongly left cheeked but it appears that Alizee can go with either cheek. So now's Friday live just gave you a .... 1:15 a.m. Saturday 6th June 2009 EST
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