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Alizee Final Jeopardy

Alizee Final Jeopardy

Today on Alizee Final Jeopardy the category is Product Title Combinations! Here we go. The answer is... The combination of Alizee and Chanel do do do do do do da.....

Ok to contestant number one, what is your response? oh sorry it's blank... could not come up with anything, thanks for participating. Contestant number two, your response...

What is 'Chanel No. 5060' Good try, but not a combination, it is a replacement of a number Contestant number 3, do have the question we are looking for? YES!!! BUT you forgot to put it in the form of a question...ohhhhhhhhhhhh It is a combination of Chanel's perfume 'Coco Mademoiselle' and Alizee's song 'Mademoiselle Juliette' Thank you everyone, see you next time .... 3:11 p.m. Saturday 20th June 2009 EST
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