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Alizee - Perfume - phenomena

Alizee - Perfume - phenomena

Previously on Alizee Nation we discovered a YouTube account by AlizeeMexico which was filled with Perfume videos and a mash up of Perfume and Alizee. Now here is another... AlizeePerfume !!! Out of Brazil and AlizeePerfume has plenty of Alizee fans as subscribers! What is so unusual is that I was not searching for any Alizee connections on YouTube or through Google.

I was just liking and looking for more on Perfume and stumbled upon this connection. There are some obvious cross overs like Yelle and Superbus . And all Alizee fans love Les Enfoires...but Perfume? So there ya go...

P.S. the audience participation, shouting their lines in this " Sweet Donuts " live video is pretty interesting. The last ....

4:52 p.m. Friday 29th May 2009 EST
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