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Alizee - Techno Geek

Alizee - Techno Geek

Don't ya just love it...dropping a geek bomb on us. The camera, the techo music. Keep it coming Alizee!!!! Chateau Marmont sounds something like Daft Punk in a way and Alizee liked them also.

Diane is the song that automatically plays on their MySpace page. Kind of, sort of, in the same vein of Daft Punk, techo electronically speaking and this was a song Alizee liked. Harder Better Faster Strong (of course I'm pimping Coachella with this vid) A bit off the techno but let's not forget she likes Gorillaz also which is a bit techie also.

I like the beginning of Feel Good with the voice sounding like it is coming through the megaphone a bit Fifty Sixty like...what? .... 12:41 a.m. Sunday 3rd May 2009 EST
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