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Amanda Blank: "Might Like You Better"

Amanda Blank: "Might Like You Better"

It's really heartening to see that, in her preparation to release an album titled I Love You, potty-mouthed Philadelphia MC Amanda Blank hasn't cleaned up her act. At all. Blank uses the chorus from Romeo Void's "Never Say Never" ("I might like you better/if we slept together") as a starting point to declare the full extent of her lecherous intent.

Throughout the track's duration, Blank's vocals are chopped, skipped, and pitch-shifted to create a kind of jarring, schizoid effect; kind of making Blank appear to be some kind of malfunctioning pleasure-bot. As a result, the erotic catalogue that comes out of her mouth is as much alluring as it is off-putting. Download : Amanda Blank "Might Like You Better".

8:52 a.m. Friday 10th April 2009 EST
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