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Amanda Blank - "Might Like You ...

Amanda Blank - "Might Like You Better" [prod. by XXXchange]

Amanda Blank first popped up on my radar on the Spank Rock '06 oldie " Bump ." Since then, I've been fixated on her freakishly on-point XXX golden age flow. But sadly, my obsession has remained largely unquenched due to Blank's general lack of output. Despite her tremendous ability, she's only appeared on a handful of collaborations.

(Let's face it—we've all been bumping the same five or six Blank verses for years.) But even without a hearty discography, she's remained one of the most exciting things happening in Philly. (And if you keep up with Philly, you'll know that's saying a lot.) All my fellow Blankheads can breathe a sigh of relief at long last because she's inked a deal .... 4:06 p.m. Monday 13th April 2009 EST
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