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Amanda Blankety Blank

Anytime Grandcrew posts a new video you SubEx dolts blindly throw it up and then proceed to tell us how beautifully-shot it is or how high Grandcrew's quality is or some other lame reasons to hide the fact that you are in their back pocket. And don't get me started on Diplo, Switch, Major Lazer, Mad Decent, etc. Do they ever send you anything that you don't post? We all know they produced this crap.

Can't you guys ever show some level of discernment? You don't give us readers credit to realize this is a thinly-veiled excuse to re-post your mouldy Amanda Blank mp3's. Once again you have proven that all you ever do is copy/paste press-releases, which is why ....
6:02 a.m. Wednesday 11th November 2009 EST
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