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Amanda Blank's Debut Album, I Love ...

Amanda Blank's Debut Album, I Love You, to be Released on July 14

The list of artists that can sing, rap, write and perform with irresistible charisma is small. The list of FEMALE performers that can do all of that is even smaller and Amanda Blank is about to rise to the top of that list with her debut album, I Love You . If you're not familiar with Blank's solo work, you more than likely have heard her guest on tracks with BFF Spank Rock, Santigold and the like.

Check out some tracks below especially on Santigold's I'm a Lady , in which you can hear her syrupy vocals tackling LL Cool J's I Need Love . I Love You drops July 14th on Downtown Records. mp3: Amanda Blank (featuring M.I.A.) - ....

7:01 a.m. Wednesday 18th March 2009 EST
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