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Amazing Baby: Amazing Baby Give Birth ...

It’s one thing to say “psych-pop with metal guitar solos,” buy it’s a different thing entirely to actually play like Slash. Surely you'll agree. Yet Amazing Baby haven't gotten the attention they deserve in the states; most of the press they have received has come from overseas, as a part of that insatiable British enthusiasm for flamboyantly dressed American men.<br/><br/> Things might change with the summer release of Rewilders, their full-length debut. Their first EP admittedly went a bit overboard on home recording tricks, but this album should have a much more substantial sound: it was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York. The band is currently touring the world, and plans to release some b-sides over the course ....<br/><br/> 6:48 a.m. Thursday 26th March 2009 EST
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