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Amazon defailing

So, after Amazon responds to the reaction to the sudden vanishing of books from its search and sales data, the inquest begins. What was going on? o Weev , because that makes Amazon still seem lovely. The problem, of course, is not just that Weev's code doesn't apparently work (although he responds, understandably, that using it now is going to fail as Amazon have been post-bolted-horse-door-bolting); it's more the philosophical question as to why if he, and his army of "third world" helpers, were targeting Gay and lesbian, bisexual or transgender books, titles like Girl With A One Track Mind or Lady Chatterley's Lover were vanishing, too.<br/><br/> A more plausible explanation for what went wrong has emerged, though: could sexy .... 9:06 p.m. Tuesday 14th April 2009 EST
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