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American Apparel Backpeddle In Woody Allen ...

American Apparel Backpeddle In Woody Allen Lawsuit,' Another Roman Polanski Trial Dismissal Rejected, 'Humpday' Trailer; More...

Hipster clothiers American Apparel have decided against calling on Mia Farrow and Soon-Yi Previn in the case of their misuse of Woody Allen 's image on a billboard and on their web site. And or they claim that would never be the case. "The media has misinformed the public that American Apparel supposedly plans to make Woody Allen's personal life the central focus of the defense.

This is false," the company's founder Dov Charney addressed in a statement. ""I have deep respect for Mr. Allen, who is a source of inspiration for me." Hello, backpeddle! [ Yahoo ] The Edinburgh International Film Festival is set feature 23 world premieres.

Among those include Sam Mendes ' " Away We Go " .... 11:15 p.m. Friday 8th May 2009 EST
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