Anchored Down In Anchorage?
The Wagner Logic Genre: Indie / Shoegaze / Alternative From: Kasilof, Alaska, United States Type "famous bands from Alaska" into Google and and it'll come up blank. Despite The Devil's extensive research the only 'prominent' musicians that I can find are Jewel (who was actually born in Utah and her myspace site claims is from Stephenville, Texas United States) , Mary Youngblood (a traditional Aleut flautist!!!! who lists Fair Oaks, California, United States as her home on Myspace) , folk singer-songwriter Libby Roderick , metal/post hardcore band 36 Crazyfists and the group Pamyua . Even the clearly underemployed head of the Alaskan music industry would struggle to convince anyone that this constitutes an impressive list! Add to that unimpressive list the much more impressive The Wagner Logic who sprung from the ghetto of Kasilof, Alaska in 2000 with a hunting bag full of off-beat lo-fi psychedelia that's warm enough to melt the Columbia glacier and as jagged as a cave of stalactites.

This is one band that won't be anchored down in Anchorage. Go Try MP3 - The Wagner Logic - Little Motel MP3 - The Wagner Logic - Oh Please, oh Geez MP3 - The Wagner Logic - What Began To Splinter If anyone from the IFPI is reading these tracks are linked direct from The Warner Logic website and are therefore already freely available so please refrain from alleging infringement of copyright. Go Visit The Wagner Logic - Myspace // Website.

- 2 a.m. Sunday 26th April 2009 EST
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