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And All The Kingsmen

The Upsidedown Portland, Oregon. It`s poetic connection with music and countless kindred band associations. I keep dipping my big toe into the belly of Portland`s music scene, pulling a track or two, briefly skimming the surface and generally enjoying some Mid-West answers.<br/><br/> Rather than an Englishman with limited knowledge of the area rattling on about a place he hasn`t been lucky enough to visit, a pair of nicely informed links should suffice. Discover.Portland.Music and PDX Pipeline . Tonight, I shall rest assured knowing a small piece of music trivia is locked into my head.<br/><br/> Classic 60`s band The Kingsmen hail originally from Portland, being ultimately responsible for hundreds of cover versions of Louie Louie, ranging from The Beach Boys To .... 6:13 a.m. Wednesday 15th July 2009 EST
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