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And The Relatives feat. the Garland ...

And The Relatives feat. the Garland Sisters

And The Relatives "Animals" from Lake Fever Sessions on Vimeo . And The Relatives = Patrick Rodgers, Eli Beaird , and Andrew Brassel . Garland Sisters = Tristen and Caitlin Rose ________ All those pictured above are good friends of Stark Online; be it Patrick Rodgers with whom some of us worked and attended Bonnaroo with; Eli Beaird and Andrew Brassel , with whom we once enjoyed intense fireworks, good concerts and a multiple whiskey's/ PBRs .

Caitlin Rose , long-time friend and companion of Stark, featured in many-a-post. Or, Tristen , good friend and opener for our Northside Showcase this Saturday. We are glad to see them all in one place putting their various musical talents on display.

And .... 4:30 a.m. Tuesday 9th June 2009 EST
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