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and weaving

Joe Godard - Apple Bobbing It's tempting to paint Joe Godard's 'Harvest Festival' as the yin to Alexis Taylor's 'Rubbed Out' yang, the two sides to Hot Chips mix of mournful indie and inventive electronica. That kinda demeans the role of the rest of Hot Chip, but you can't deny that 'Harvest Festival' sounds like what Hot Chip might sound like with the emo removed. It's a playful record, very much of it's time, referencing brighter shades of dubstep and wonky, but with more of an eye on the Boomkat home listening market.

I'd go so far as to say that although it doesn't have the highs of Hot Chip's 'Made In The Dark', I'm more likely to listen to ....
From 'the wirewool'
4:23 a.m. Wednesday 16th December 2009 EST
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