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Andrew Lloyd Webber To Ride The ...

It's been a bad week in the video game world, what with the announcement that sales of Guitar Hero and Rock Band may have peaked, the dissolution of the industry's leading magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly (it had 600,000 subscribers!), and the layoffs at EGM 's sister web portal (which ain't even loading for me today). From Penny Arcade comes news that's somehow even worse: Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is getting into this gaming fad he's been hearing so much about. Much like Tycho over at Penny Arcade, there is only one ALW musical I can get behind.<br/><br/> When we lived in the hallowed Apartment 26, we would watch Jesus Christ Superstar with surprising frequency, and it was an experience .... 7:45 a.m. Friday 16th January 2009 EST
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