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Andrew W.K. Signs Artists, Records "Simpsons" ...

When Pitchfork spoke with hard partier Andrew W.K. back in September, he talked a bit about his new London-based record label, Skyscraper Music Maker . He said that he'd signed an artist named Aleister X and that he'd just completed an EP with the kabuki-makeup-rocking, drum-machine-addled goth guy.

Bangers and Beans , that EP, is out now. Andrew W.K. has also signed two more artists to his label: balloon-headed dance act Bad Brilliance (aka Girl Talk/White Williams album cover designer Andrew Strasser) and New York electro -pop chick Cherie Lily .

These people all seem to be conspiring to injure my eyeballs via MySpace page design. Of course, Andrew W.K. isn't the type to sit behind a record label desk ....

From 'Pitchfork'
9:05 a.m. Wednesday 9th December 2009 EST
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