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Animal Collective Fans: They'll Go After ...

Animal Collective Fans: They'll Go After You (So Don't Eff With Them) [Fight Back! With Brooklyn Vegan]

Admission: I'm an Animal Collective fan at Idolator.com. Yep. I'm a real bro's bro.

I know we are hated around these parts, and I tend to keep my mouth shut when Maura is on one of her rants about them. She seems to think that AC fans are uniformly crazy, and I've been defending them, saying not all of us are crazy, and some of us are quite nice, I swear, and just give us a chance. Well, after today's foofaraw in the weird, wild world of Brooklyn Vegan's comments section , I'm beginning to think maybe she has a point.

Just look at the case of one Seth [last name redacted because we aren't jerks], who felt the wrath .... 7:30 a.m. Friday 23rd January 2009 EST
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