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Annie Use Your Telescope

I woke up needing to hear a record. Actually, this need evidenced itself the multiple times I woke up last night. Prior to going to bed, I listened to Jack Mannequins new album, "The Glass Passenger", on my iPod as I read the newspapers.<br/><br/> Distracted, the music as background, the album started to reveal itself. Id given the new album a few spins prior to the gig, but it hadnt penetrated me. And yesterday, I was playing "Into The Airwaves", "The Mixed Tape" and "Holiday For Real" over and over again and then I needed to listen to something new.<br/><br/> Thats when I dialed up "The Glass Passenger". Gig hangover. I didnt want to play any music on the way ....<br/><br/> midnight Wednesday 29th October 2008 EST
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