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Anonymous Oscar Presenters Back Out; Head ...

"It's time to shake it up a little bit, isn't it?" Academy show co-producer Laurence Mark told USA Today . Rating were at an all time low last year and obviously the show is attempting to go out on a limb boldly, but it could all backfire. So far almost no stars have been announced as presenters and the cloak of secrecy is the way they hope to draw in people, but will people respond? "When [the producers] told me what they were going to do, I said, 'Look, if it works, you're geniuses, and if it doesn't, you're the putzes who sank the show,' " veteran head Oscar writer Bruce Vilanch told the AP .<br/><br/> According to the Hollywood .... 11:48 p.m. Friday 20th February 2009 EST
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