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another in a series of insane ...

another in a series of insane musical comparisons

For the first time in way, way too long, I was listening today to Paul McCartney's Band on the Run . First thing I thought: why did I ever think this wasn't a fantastic album? Second, and odder thought: as I was listening to "Jet" (which is a brilliant pop song) I suddenly found myself thinking of Stephen Malkmus. Now, vocally there's almost no similarity; musically, while Malkmus sometimes draws from classic '70s rock and '60s psych (both of which, of course, McCartney had a hand in originating), the emphasis is very different...but what struck me is that the critical darts hurled McCartney's way in the seventies had much to do with the way he failed to fit with then-emerging ....

1:15 p.m. Wednesday 14th January 2009 EST
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