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Are DMCA take downs the end ...

Are DMCA take downs the end of Blogging? Well, I'll give you this GoldieLocks track at least...

It's probably worth noting that it's been nearly a month since I've posted. Why? First off I've got this pneumonia that I'm trying to shake. Apparently three different antibiotics haven't worked too well :) There are days where I've literally just sat in one position for nearly 16 hours I've felt so awful.

Second... I've been depressed. I haven't been able to put my fingers to the keyboard.

I've been working on some stuff, but nothing I can actually put out for anyone to read, it just seems everything comes out crap. I thought getting fired would give me more time to write... in stead I'm staring at the ceiling.

And third, and perhaps most importantly to you the reader .... 5:03 a.m. Tuesday 23rd June 2009 EST
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