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Are Rock-Music Documentaries A Dying Breed?

Classic rock docs like " Don't Look Back "( Dylan ), " The Last Waltz "( The Band and friends). " Stop Making Sense " ( Talking Heads ) and " Woodstock " ( Hendrix and tons of dirty hippies) cemented the legitimacy of the music documentary, but are they now a dying breed going the way of the dodo bird now that contemporary musicians are mediocre enough to not really deserve their own films? ( Anvil notwithstanding ). According to the trades, kinda, sorta, yes.<br/><br/> "Theatrical runs almost never mine box office gold and are very seldom profitable: " Shine a Light ," directed by Martin Scorsese , grossed only $5.5 million domestically, while " U2 3D " has .... 7:27 a.m. Thursday 23rd April 2009 EST
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