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Around the World in 120 (er, ...

Around the World in 120 (er, 80!) Minutes

With the boxes packed at KAOS for our impending move, this week's show featured music from all over the planet (which is to say, whatever I could find amid the moving crates!), including a lot of new releases. Enjoy! Around the World in 120 Minutes: Spin The Globe playlist for 22 March 2009 Art ist - Song - Album hour 1 Cheb Nacim - 100% Nabrike - Algeiran Rai Becaye Aw - Sibi - Sibi Zakopower - Kiebys Ty - Polska Rootz Emilio Santiago - Bananeira - Black Rio 2 Magou - Youmile / Hey You! - Africa Yewul / Africa Wake Up! The Shin - Ritsche - Ibero-Caucasian Style Al Assal - Aashiqto Shadn / I am in love .... 7:06 a.m. Saturday 23rd May 2009 EST
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