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Arrested On Charges Of Unemployment

Have you ever stopped and listened to just how GREAT this song is? Chuck Berry - Brown-Eyed Handsome Man ( buy album ) Arrested on charges of unemployment He was sittin' in the witness stand The judge's wife called up the district attorney She said free that brown-eyed man If you want your job you better free that brown-eyed man Flying across the desert in a T.W.A. I saw a woman walking 'cross the sand She been walkin' thirty miles en route to Bombay To meet a brown-eyed handsome man Her destination was a brown-eyed handsome man Way back in history 3,000 years In fact, ever since the world began There's been a whole lotta good women sheddin' tears For .... 3:17 p.m. Sunday 1st February 2009 EST
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